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Autumn Term

Fire! Fire!

 The children will be learning all about the Great Fire of London this half term. We will be comparing London from the past and the present and exploring the life of people during the Great Fire of London. We will look at how life has changed from then to now and how the fire was put out.

In English we will be reading Zog by Julia Donaldson and will be innovating our own ending. We will also be creating an information text about the Great Fire of London to display all the facts that we have learnt.

In Music we will be listening to a variety of songs from varying genres. We will discover how the image and nature of fire has captured the interests of composers throughout the years.

In Design & Technology we will be creating our own moving pictures that fit our great Fire of London topic. The children will design, create and evaluate their own moving pictures.

Penguins, Possums and Pigs

In our Geography lessons this term the children will be learning all about our world and exploring the different continents and how their temperatures differ. They will be exploring the Equator and how this impacts on the temperatures that we find in locations around the world. In Science, the children will be learning about different animals that live around the world and will begin to understand how each animal has adapted to be able to live in their current location. We will explore animals close to our own environment and more exotic animals that live further away from us. The children will also look at how the animals belong to certain categories in the wild such as carnivores and herbivores. In Art, the children will begin to experiment with a variety of media to produce artwork that reflects the topic. The children will be learning about the differences between primary and secondary colours and will be using this knowledge to help them create pieces of art. The children will also be able to use clay and will be following modelling instructions to make a clay animal.


Useful websites

Below are a list of age appropriate websites that your child can access from home that will benefit their learning. Any other useful links will be placed on the class page when appropriate.