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Autumn Term

Autumn Term:


This term, our topic relates to kingdoms and our main subjects are English, Maths, History, Geography, ICT, French, Music, RE and PE.


In English, the topic from next week will centre around Michael Morpurgo's 'Beowulf' novel. Weekly grammar lessons will take place and our main focus area to begin with is on word classes and sentence types/structure.


During the first half-term, the focus in Maths revolves around the number system and how it works, progressing from place value, such as the value of numbers, to the four main calculation strategies of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Throughout all of these areas, the children will be exposed to problem solving that will test their knowledge and stretch their logical thinking. The homework will consolidate this and not aim to expose to the children to concepts they haven't already covered.


In Geography, the children are looking more closely at Great Britain, focusing on the counties that we are divided up into; the capital cities in England, Wales and Scotland; areas of interest, such as the lake district; and contentious issues, such as fracking, helping them formulate informed opinions.


In History, our main focus is the Anglo-Saxons and the detail surrounding where they came from and their lifestyles; this will link to our Beowulf topic in English.


ICT will centre around data handling; the children will learn how to use Excel, input data and produce graphs leading to them being able to analyse the data they have produced and produce questions.


Please check back to this page for more updates as the term progresses.


Mr Armstrong