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Homework hand-in days:

Monday Maths - Hand in by Wednesday of the same week.

Tuesday Grammar - Hand in by Thursday of the same week.

Wednesday - Maths to hand in by Friday of the same week.

Thursday Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling  - Complete for Monday of the following week.

Friday Spellings and Times Tables - Learn and practise each night for a test the following week.

A purplemash task will also be added included in the Friday HWK later this term.


Please read the following before completing the CGP homework books:


With the Grammar and Maths CGP books, the children will be set pages to complete. After completing the pages, the children are to mark their answers using the answer sheets provided at the back of the books. It is up to you, as a parent, whether you would like to mark their work as I know that evenings are often packed full of clubs etc, leaving little time for marking homework. The onus is really on the children to independently mark their own work and complete any errors they have made, clearly indicating that it has been corrected. The answer sheets can also be removed so that the children don't have access to them whilst working out questions; again, this is something to be discussed/decided at home.


Finally, please could you ensure that you sign the page (parent signature) to make it clear that the work has been completed as set out above before it is handed back in at school.


Monday 18/9/2017

Year 5: Maths CGP Pages 8 and 9 

Tip: Remember for < and > , think of the symbols like crocodiles and the smaller number eats the bigger number.

Year 6: Maths CGP Pages 8 and 9


Tuesday 19/9/2017

Year 5: Pages 12 and 13 Grammar and Punctuation

Note to Year 5: We have only covered pronouns (page 12) briefly - see if you can use what we have covered so far to help you answer the questions.

Year 6: Pages 14 and 15 Grammar and Punctuation

Note for Year 6: We haven't covered sentence types yet but we have covered what makes a clause; try to use this knowledge to help you through page 14.


Wednesday 20/9/2017

Year 5: Maths CGP Page 10

Year 6: Maths CGP Page 10


Thursday 21/9/2017

Year 5: Grammar and Punctuation CGP Pages 14 and 15

Year 6: Grammar and Punctuation CGP Page 16


Friday 22/9/2017


1. Doubt

2. Solemn

3. Whistle

4. Island

5. Thistle

6. Numb

7. Debt

8. Lamb

9. Knight

10. Autumn

11. Isle


Enjoy your weekends!