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School Clubs

There are a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs at lunch times and after school. Weekly clubs include High 5, football, choir, craft , art,  gardening and wildlife club. Specialist sports' coaches come into school to work with children in additional clubs.


In summer cricket club runs each week. Teams attend local events including Garstang and District Athletics, tag rugby, kwik cricket, football for girls and boys, High 5, rounders tournaments and the Garstang swimming gala. Maypole dancers also perform at the village gala.

Construction Club

Construction club will be run on a Friday lunchtime by Mrs Jackson. The children will be given a different building challenge every week and get the opportunity to construct using lots of different resources.

Art Club

Art club is going to be run on Monday after school by Mrs Armstrong, 3-4pm. The children will learn a range of new skills as well as completing final pieces. 

Computing Club

Computing club is run on a Friday after school, 3-4pm by Mrs Lawrenson. The children will learn a variety of skills to use on both computers and tablets. This club has limited places so will be on a first come, first serve basis. 

Gardening Club

This club is run during lunchtime by Mrs Brambles. The children learn how to look after plants and flowers as well as keeping the grounds of the school tidy.

Drama Club - Thursday 3-4.30pm

Drama club is open to children aged 7-11 years on a Thursday night after school. Mr. & Mrs. Brabin write all their own plays to adapt to the needs of the children. Performances are held for parents twice a year. There will be a charge for this club.



This will be a lunchtime club open to children who express and interest in singing and representing the school on several different occasions throughout the school year. 

Change 4 Life Club

Change 4 Life club is available to all KS2 children and is run on a Tuesday night. This club is all about keeping fit and healthy and will be a mixture of practical and theory. This club is run by Fleetwood Trust Academy. 


Tennis lessons are held with the local instructor Simon. Lesson are available for children from Year1 to 6 with Reception being offered lessons in the Summer term during lunch times. There will be a charge for this club.

High 5 Netball

All members of KS2 are able to take part in High 5 netball practice sessions on Monday after school until 4pm. We play matches against other schools, taking part in competitions and tournaments at our local high school. This club will be run by Mrs Carroll.

Mini Movers - Dance Roots

We regularly welcome Hannah from Dance Roots to deliver a dance program to our KS1 pupils. Last year they did their own mini show and took part in local galas.

Speed Stacking

Speedstacking is available to all of KS2. It runs on Monday after school until 4pm. The children learn the art of speed stacking and the different formations that they can make, leading up to competitions between themselves and entry into the speed stacking competition between other schools. This club is run by Fleetwood Trust Academy. 

KS2 Football

Football club is available to all of KS2. It runs on Friday after school until 4pm by Mr Armstrong. The children play a variety of games to keep them fit as well as learning skills that are required to take part in a game of football. This club will be available on a first come first serve basis when the letters are sent out.