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Spelling Tips

Helpful Tips to Learn Spellings


Your child will bring home spellings every week to learn.  I normally give these out on a Wednesday and they need to learnt for the following Tuesday. Words are usually linked to spelling/phonic sessions we have carried out in class that week. The children will be asked to write down the words in sentences that I read out. For example: I can paint a snake.  This is testing the ability to spell the words paint and snake correctly, and will also help me to see if they can correctly punctuate their sentences and also write down a sentence without missing words out.  


How can you help your child learn their spellings?

  • Help at home can really improve your child’s spelling.
  • Please encourage your child to follow the LOOK-SAY-COVER-WRITE-CHECK method (see below).
  • Look up the meaning on unfamiliar words and putting these in a simple sentence will help them to focus on the word in question.
  • Help them to look for similar spelling patterns in words e.g: make, cake, shake, jacket, packet; should, could, would etc.  
  • Help them to look for familiar words inside other words e.g. all can be found in tall and wall
  • Encourage them to look for their own mistakes and go through the process again if necessary.
  • Regular short practise sessions throughout the week will help your child retain their spellings.
  • Remember to try them in a different order. 
  • Above all, remember to praise and encourage your child.



LOOK  Look at the word or small group of words with a similar pattern. Break up the words to see if there are any smaller words within it.


SAY  Say the word thinking about the pattern and trying to visualise the word in your head.


COVER   Cover the word up so it can’t be seen.


WRITE    Try writing the word with it still covered up (no peeping!).


CHECK     Check the word with your child to see if it has been spelt correctly. If a mistake has been made, repeat the process again.