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Summer Term

Summer Term 2018


This term Oak Class's topic is " Growing and Changing", we will be looking at growth and change in animals, humans and plants.

We have already received some tiny caterpillars, the size of ants! We are looking forward to seeing them grow and change. This week we looked at the story "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", we made caterpillars from egg cartons and some children wrote their own version of the story.

Outside we also have some frogspawn and tadpoles, which will eventually join the frog in our pond area.

Oak class have certainly grown and changed this year but we will look back to when we were babies and how much we have really changed. Also looking to the future, what would we like to be when we grow up.

In our role play area we are setting up a Garden Centre, where we will find out more about how plants grow but also learning more about money. We will be planting lots of seeds, cress, beans and sunflowers.

In phonics most of us are confident with Phase 2 and 3 now and are moving onto tricky spellings in phase 4 and 5.

In Maths we are looking at money, time and capacity in topic work. We will also be looking at numbers beyond 10 and their value, with more work on basic addition and subtraction.

PE this term is back to Mondays and Thursday, Multi-skills and athletics, leading up to Sports' Day on Wednesday 13th June.

Miss Ashworth will also be joining us this term as a student teacher.

There will be lots of fun activities in the Summer term, including the Gala, the Royal Wedding Garden Party, the family BBQ and the Summer School Concert. Lots to look forward to!


Picture 1 The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Picture 2 Making a caterpillar
Picture 3 Making the oranges
Picture 1 We love writing on our interactive whiteboard!
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1 Science day
Picture 2 Nest building
Picture 3 A nest!

This term Oak Class are looking at the topic "Transport and Journeys".

We have started by finding lots of different types of transport and sorting whether they travel on land, on the water or in the air. There have been some super constructions of transport using lego,duplo and mobilo.

We have made maps of our journey to school and looked at the maps we made last term of our village and our school.

The story "Little Polar Bear" made us look at our globe to find out where the Arctic and the Tropics were. Mrs Cliff noticed our maps and paintings and brought in her certificate from the Arctic Circle!

We have started road safety training on Thursday afternoons.

We will be setting up a Travel Agency in our role play area, so if you have any photos of your children on holiday, which you wish to share with the class, please send them in! 

Holiday posters, sea-side holidays, designing boats that float, fair testing cars, making passports and programming bee-bots are just a few of the many fun things we have planned. We also have a trip planned for Oak and Ash class to the Lakes to travel on a steam train, boat and picnic at Brockholes.

Not forgetting end of term activities - teddy bears' picnic with Pre-school, our concert and Sports' Day!

Picture 1 Transport
Picture 2 Maps
Picture 3 Little Polar Bear