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Summer Term

So far during the summer term the children have been learning about the Romans. They have really enjoyed this topic and produced some fantastic work. 


In English, the children used books and the internet to find out lots of interesting facts about the Romans. They then used this information to create non-chronological reports all about the Romans. Some children made their reports on the laptops using power point and some children wrote them by hand. The children have also looked at play scripts, relating to Roman stories. They have learnt all of the features and have even written their own play scripts based on the Romans. 


In History, we learnt about key events that happened during the Roman times and why they invaded Britain. The children also learnt about the Roman army and how it differs from the army today. In Geography the children used maps and atlases to identify Roman towns both locally and nationally. They also learnt a lot about Roman roads and even had a Roman expert come to visit the class to tell them all about Roman roads. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and asked some great questions. 


In Art, the children have been making Roman shield's. They have learnt all about the structure of a shield, the patterns they had on them and how they were used. The children then made their shields out of cardboard, adding a yoghurt pot for the boss. The shields they made look fabulous and they even practiced walking like the Romans did with their shields. 


In Maths, the children have learnt about decimals, ordering them, adding and subtracting them and identifying the place value of the numbers involved. They have also recapped how to find the perimeter of shapes and spaces and have then progressed onto finding the area of shapes and spaces. 


In Science, our topic has been The Skeleton. The children have learnt all about the structure of the skeleton and the names of the bones in the human body. They have also learnt about the different types of skeletons, vertebrate, invertebrate and exoskeleton, and which animals have those different skeletons. 


During the summer term, the children have also taken part in Enterprise week. They worked really hard throughout the week and produced some fantastic products. The children made posters and invitations to promote their product and stall, took part in an advertising video and made price lists for their stall. They designed and made their products independently and made the labels, with instructions to attach to their mugs and hot chocolate spoons. All of their hard work paid off and the children made £922.89, resulting in them winning the week with the most profit per child throughout the whole school. WELL DONE BEECH CLASS! 


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