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Values for Life


Each half term we will be focusing in more detail  on one of our six christian values - Peace, Trust, Hope, Thankfulness, Friendship and Forgiveness. 

This will help to develop our Christian vision, values and ethos of the school whilst contributing to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children.

This term our value is Thankfulness. We will be asking the children what they have to be thankful for, who they can show thanks to and how can we show that we are thankful. 

Each value has a ‘Home/School’ activity sheet containing a short introduction to the value, a family focus activity, home-school challenge, fascinating facts as well as passages to read together.



Psalm 9:1

I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart;  I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.

The Big Frieze

The Big Frieze 1
The Big Frieze 2
The Big Frieze 3
The Big Frieze 4
The Big Frieze 5
The Big Frieze 6
The Big Frieze 7
The Big Frieze 8
The Big Frieze 9
The Big Frieze 10
The Big Frieze 11
The Big Frieze 12
The Big Frieze 13
The Big Frieze 14
The Big Frieze 15
The Big Frieze 16
The Big Frieze 17
What a wonderful worship the children shared with us today. Each year group told us which concept from The Big Frieze they had been studying and what they had learnt about it. We heard all about Creation, The Fall, People of God, Incarnation, The Gospels, Salvation and the Kingdom of God. Each year group have also created their own Big Frieze picture and they all look amazing. These will soon be on display in our hall. 

Trust- caring for animals

Trust- caring for animals 1
Trust- caring for animals 2
Trust- caring for animals 3
Trust- caring for animals 4
Trust- caring for animals 5
Trust- caring for animals 6
Trust- caring for animals 7

We enjoyed a visit from Max this morning (Mrs Carroll's dog) to help us think about our value Trust in worship. We discussed how animals trust us to care for them, feed them and exercise them. Max thoroguhly enjoyed all the attention he was given. 

Ascension Day


We went outside for our worship on Ascension Day. We began by being rockets, lifting off into heaven, just like Jesus did when he ascended to be with God the Father. Watch our videos below. 

Ascension Day rockets!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Creation by Ash and Elm Class

Creation by Ash and Elm Class 1
Creation by Ash and Elm Class 2
Creation by Ash and Elm Class 3
Creation by Ash and Elm Class 4
Creation by Ash and Elm Class 5
Creation by Ash and Elm Class 6
Creation by Ash and Elm Class 7
Creation by Ash and Elm Class 8
Creation by Ash and Elm Class 9
Creation by Ash and Elm Class 10
Creation by Ash and Elm Class 11
Creation by Ash and Elm Class 12
This morning Ash Class and Elm Class shared with us through song, sign language, paintings and musical instruments a Creation Song. They have been learning all about Creation this term in their RE lessons. We recognised how wonderfully created all our children are, as well as thinking about how we can care for and look after everything on God's wonderful Earth. Well done children, you were all amazing. 

The Bishop's Harvest Appeal

The Bishop's Harvest Appeal 1
The Bishop's Harvest Appeal 2
We welcomed Mrs Greenless to talk to us about the Bishop’s Harvest Appeal 2017 – This year the appeal ‘A fairer Share’ is supporting communities in Burundi and Ghana. The collective worship gave children an understanding of the ways in which trees can transform lives, highlighting the importance of training and sustainability, giving people in two of the poorest countries in the world an opportunity to flourish.


'Prayeraplanes' 1
'Prayeraplanes' 2
'Prayeraplanes' 3
'Prayeraplanes' 4
'Prayeraplanes' 5
'Prayeraplanes' 6
'Prayeraplanes' 7
'Prayeraplanes' 8
'Prayeraplanes' 9
'Prayeraplanes' 10
'Prayeraplanes' 11
'Prayeraplanes' 12
'Prayeraplanes' 13
'Prayeraplanes' 14
'Prayeraplanes' 15

Our value this term is Generosity. 

In today's Key Stage Worship we made 'prayeraplanes' to send prayers to God thanking Him for all the wonderful things He has generously given us. Some children thanked God for Harvest, others said a thank you for their family and friends.