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Year 2 Assessment Information


SATS - Statutory Assessment Tests


Year 2 has traditionally been a SATs year, which means Year 2 children have to carry out a series of statutory tests in maths and English, the outcomes of which are reported to the government. This is to help ascertain how the children are progressing with their learning and how this compares to other children of their age in the UK. Last year Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for Education, commissioned a primary assessment consultation, following ongoing negative feedback from teachers and other educational professionals.


We have now been advised that KS1 SATs will continue until 2023. I will be in touch nearer the time about how you can support your child on the lead up to these assessments. 


Here is an information video which gives more information about SATs and the SATs process:



Assessment Terminology 


New assessment terminology was introduced with the new National Curriculum in 2013. Here is an explanation of what it means: 


WTS - means that a child is working towards the expected standard.

WA - means that a child is working at the expected standard. 

WGD -  means that a child is working at a greater depth within the expected standard. 


Expected standards are essentially the aims and objectives that are detailed for each year group in the National Curriculum 2013


At the end of the autumn and spring terms, we will issue an interim report which summarises how your child is doing, using this terminology. This report also details their application and effort. At the end of the summer term we will issue your child's full report.