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Daily message from Mrs Jackson and Mrs Shields

Monday 30th March 

I hope you all had a good weekend and managed to keep yourselves occupied and out of mischief! 


We now begin week 2 of our home learning journey.  It's not quite as sunny and warm as last week, but it is supposed to stay dry, so make sure you spend plenty of time in the fresh air.  Here are some suggested learning activities for today. 


  • Worship - Mrs Carroll has uploaded lots of resources to the worship area, within the gallery section.  This includes resources on keeping positive during difficult times. 
  • Reading - keep going with your school reading books. Can you come up with a few questions about the text for your mum/dad, to check they were listening very carefully?  If you've finished your school books you can register with and access free ebooks online. Simply register on the site and go to ebooks. You can choose by 'book band' from the drop down menu. Select the colour you are currently reading or the one above.   
  • Spelling - can you remember the rules for changing verbs to past tense?  Today you can practise just adding the suffix ending ed, and just adding d to words that already end in an 'e'.  Write the root word, then the root word plus suffix ending e.g.    shout  - shouted         bake -  baked         Then have a go at putting them in a sentence, remembering punctuation and your neatest writing too. Have a go at these words:

         Change to past tense                jump               love           change            walk            show            decide

  • English - short writing task - I'd like you to write a letter or postcard to your classmates to share what you have been doing and how you are feeling.  It's good for us to keep talking and sharing!  Take a picture of your letter, or email it to me as a document and I will upload them all to our class pages on the website so everyone can have a read.  

We're ready to learn maths! laugh

  • Maths warm up - choose an assignment Maths Shed or a suitable game on Hit the Button and practice for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Maths arithmetic activity - For your main maths activity today have a go at these calculations.  Copy them out carefully before having a go. Give yourself plenty of room in case you need a jotting. Try and use the most efficient method (the one that makes the most sense/ easiest way of doing it for you).  Can you do it in your head or do you need a jotting? Don't forget to check through your answers. I will upload the answers / possible (most efficient) workings out for you to see after lunchtime (on our class pages). Good luck! 
  1.       34 + 23 = 
  2.       18 - 8 =
  3.        3 x 10 = 
  4.        Half of 22 = 
  5.        4 + 3 + 6 = 
  6.        100 - 10 = 
  7.        ? = 4 + 81 
  8.        7 x 2 = 
  9.        ? + 8 = 20 
  10.        76 - 45 =  


  • Science - What a great time to start a weather / nature journal (a bit like the one you started with Mrs Shields in school).  Nature is coming alive after the winter time and there are so many beautiful plants and animals to observe.  You could start recording the daily weather including the temperature as well as the time the sun is rising and setting each day. You could draw and label the plants you can see in your garden, or on your daily walk.  Yesterday, whilst out walking with my family, we saw lots of baby lambs gamboling in the fields and it made us all smile.
  • R.E. - This week is the last week before we would have finished for the Easter holidays.  Easter is such an important time for Christians. How well can you remember the different parts of the Easter Story?  Maybe you could read it for yourself in a children's Bible or watch a video online. Here are a few links that could help. 

        After hearing / reading the story why not practice acting parts of it out using toys e.g. teddies or dolls.  How are they feeling at          different parts of the story? Why? 


We hope you have a great day.  

From Mrs Jackson and Mrs Shields 




Friday 27th March

Happy Friday Elm Class! 

It was Persie's birthday yesterday so I’d like to take this opportunity to wish her happy birthday. I hope you had a fabulous day and were given some time off from your shepherdess duties! 

Thanks for all the photos and work examples.  You can see these in our special gallery, which is looking fantastic!  

Here are some ideas for today. 

Reading - choose your favourite non-fiction book today. This might be an encyclopedia, dinosaur book, an arts and crafts book or even a cookery book. Take notice of the different features such as the headings, subheadings, pictures and captions and diagrams.  

English  listen to the tales of Peter Rabbit, via audio book using this link. This section of the site is free whilst schools are closed. Listen to the first story or two (or more if you're really enjoying yourself!). Then choose one of these activities: 

  • Draw an outline of Peter Rabbit (you could do this as large as you like), or you could even ask someone to draw around you (if you've got an old roll of wall paper or something similar)!  Outside the image write facts that you know about Peter Rabbit (e.g. he is a rabbit, he has 3 siblings, he lives under a fir tree) and on the inside you can record his thoughts and feelings.  You could add to this every time you listen to a new story. 
  • Retell one of the stories of Peter Rabbit in your own words and then illustrate it. 
  • Draw a picture of Peter Rabbit and then write a character description using lots of interesting adjectives to describe the way he looks and also what he is like (his personality). 

Maths - practice spotting odd and even numbers by playing this game the coconut shy game. Remember it's the units digit that helps you work out whether a number is odd or even. 

The single digit even numbers are  2, 4, 6, 8, 0 

The single digit odd numbers are  1,3 5,7,9                                       

Maths - symmetry . What does it mean if something is symmetrical?  How many different everyday items can you find that are symmetrical? Can you find any unusual symmetrical things? Your search might include buildings, plants and animals, or objects from around the house. You could draw your findings, or take photographs.   

P.E. - Friday afternoon is normally a P.E. day.  Today's challenge is to create a fun (but safe!) obstacle course in your garden. How quickly can you complete it? 

Free choice - I think it's only fair if you end today with FREE CHOICE.  Yay!  Choose your favourite game to play, draw on a chalk board, play with Lego, dress up your dolls and teddies and hold a special party for them.  Whatever you decide... just have fun laugh


From Mrs Jackson and Mrs Shields 

Thursday 26th March

Good morning Elm Class.  Thank you so much for all of your emails, photos, videos and examples of work.  They certainly put a huge smile on our faces!  You are all doing so well with your home learning and we feel very proud of you all.  We have created a new gallery where we will upload photos and examples of your work, so please keep them coming.  I'm sure you will all enjoy seeing what your friends are getting up to.  

It's supposed to be another glorious day today, so plan lots of outdoor activities and get out in the fresh air. 

Remember, spend 15-20 minutes on each activity, or longer if you like and take lots of breaks in between.  

  • Reading - read from your school book today.  If an adult is listening to you, get them to ask you questions using your special bookmark.
  • Get moving!  Why not do our special Minions Zumba dance? Try and get someone else in your house to join in too
  • Worship/assembly - Mrs Carroll has uploaded lots of new assembly ideas. You can find them under 'children / gallery / worship'. 
  • Handwriting - keep practising joining up your writing. You could copy words from the spelling lists you have in your pack (the ones you have been tested on already this year). Remember to try and keep all of your letters a similar size, to make tall letters look tall and letters with descenders (tails) need to go underneath the line. 
  • Grammar - choose one of the sheets from your pack for example adding ly to adjectives to turn them into adverbs.  If you haven't got this sheet, I have uploaded this to the Elm Class home learning page. 
  • Vocabulary - use the word hippo website to find out the meaning of flamboyant. Practise saying the word, counting the syllables in the word (hand under your chin), reading the word, whispering the word, shouting the word, acting out the word. Then draw a picture of  something that is flamboyant to show your understanding.  
  • Maths - go on a shape hunt. How many different 2D and 3D shapes can you find around the house and in the garden? For example you might have a window that is oblong and find a tin of soup that is a cylinder shape.  Can you label each one with its correct name? As an extra challenge can you write down any of the shape's properties e.g. for 2D shapes the number of sides and whether it is symmetrical and for 3D shapes how many faces, edges and vertices it has.   
  • Science - can you think of any examples of life cycles associated with Spring time? Maybe you have frogspawn in your pond or caterpillars in your garden? Have you seen any lambs or chicks? Can you draw/write about the life cycle of any of these animals? How do they begin life? what journey do they go on?

As the song says... "Don't worry... be happy" laugh

From Mrs Jackson and Mrs Shields

Wednesday 25th March

Good morning everybody!  I hope you are all feeling full of the joys of spring today.  It's supposed to be a lovely day again, so try and spend lots of time out and about in the garden and make the most of your daily walk or bike ride.  Maybe you could encourage your mum or dad to do the daily mile with you. 


Here are some other ideas for today. Spend 15-20 minutes on each activity, or longer if you like!  Have regular breaks to get out and enjoy the sunshine. 

  • Reading - choose your favourite book to read today and write a book review. You can use the book review template I put in your purple folders, or make up your own. Try to include why it is your favourite, who you would recommend it to and why.  
  • Fleetwood Town P.E. - choose activities from the download I've put in the home learning area of our class web pages. 
  • Make up a prayer or sing a worship song.  You can easily find 'My Lighthouse' and 'God's Love is Bigger than a Burger' online. 
  • Spelling activity - choose words from the year 2 common exception word list today.  Choose words you know you find tricky to spell.  I wonder if you can remember our special way of remembering how to spell beautiful? You could quickwrite or rainbow write the words.  Then try writing them in a sentence to show you understand what they mean.
  • Short writing activity - have you started a daily dairy yet?  Keep a record of what is happening in the world right now.  You could write a few sentences each day, or every few days.  When you are older if will be really interesting to read it.  
  • Maths - Mrs Shields has been in touch with Spelling Shed and they have now given all St. Michael's on Wyre pupils access to Maths Shed for free whilst we are closed. We will set you some assignments to do. 
  • Email your teacher! We miss you!  Why not send us an email message and let us know how you are getting on? Ask your parents to help you get started. You could even send a photo of something you feel proud of since your home schooling experience started. Here are our email addresses:  and 
  • Outdoor scavenger hunt... can you find all of the things below?


Have a fantastic day yes

From Mrs Jackson and Mrs Shields

Picture 1


Tuesday 24th March


Dear parents and children 


Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed your first day of home learning together.  I thought it might be useful to put together a timetable for you to follow each day, if you choose. Here are some suggested activities for today, Tuesday 24th March. 

You could also enjoy doing jigsaws together, playing board games or bake a cake. Try to help out with the chores too; your mums and dads will really appreciate it I'm sure. Most of all, try to have fun and keep smiling.  This won't be for too long.  Have a great day! 


Mrs Jackson and Mrs Shields


  • Reading - 15mins 
  • P.E. lesson with Joe Wicks  - starts at 9am if watching live on You Tube - up to 30 mins
  • Worship / reflection time (e.g. meditation) - 10 mins  (e.g. talk about Lent/Easter, sing a song, say a prayer). 
  • Spelling activity - 15 mins (el/le endings - there is sheet in your pack or you can find it free on Twinkl if you've registered) 
  • Short writing activity - - or choose another image (pick an image top right) - 20 mins 
  • Break
  • Maths - numberfacts hit the button numberbonds to 10 and 20. (10 mins)
  • Maths - NRICH Two Dice challenge  (20 mins) 
  • Lunch
  • Handwriting practice (15 mins) 
  • Signs of spring walk/garden/local area - as long as it takes! (if you go out and about, remember the social distancing guidelines) 
  • Spring art / collage - as long as your child is engaged