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Daily message from Mrs Hogarth

Monday 30th March


Good morning everybody, I hope you all had an amazing weekend! 


Morning Work - Words of the week time again. This week our words are experiment, extreme and famous.


Worship - Mrs Carroll has made a new folder with lots of worship resources in. This can be found in children>gallery>worship. This weeks theme is all about remaining positive in difficult situations. 


English - Monday is usually a grammar focussed lesson so why don't you complete a couple of page from your CGP book or you could write some conversations between some characters, don't forget your inverted commas and all the rules that come with them. 


Maths - This week we would have been working on position and direction. This website has some great ideas you could have a go at. 


Reading - Remember during reading week when we completed some reading challenges. Why don't you pick a challenge to complete today? Here are the cards


Science - You know quite a lot now about the digestive system. Why don't you put yourself in the shoes of a piece of food and write a diary entry as if you were travelling through the digestive system. 


It was a beautiful, sunny morning and as I lay on the shiny, silver spoon I couldn't feel anything but dread. What was going to happen to me? Whatever it was, it was going to be soon. I didn't need to wait long to find out, my life as I knew it soon changed. John lifted the spoon higher and higher. I could feel myself sliding around in the puddle of milk and then it went DARK! Where was I? As my eyes started to adapt I could see some white objects, some cubed, some a bit pointier, approximately 32 of them. They looked like they could do some damage... and they did. They sliced me and then crushed me into tiny little pieces. 


Reasoning/Arithmetic - My mini maths or nrich are good places to look for activities. My mini maths in organised into year groups. If you are finding your year group too hard, try the year group below, or if you want to challenge yourself, try the year group above. Nrich groups the activities into age ranges too. Have a look and pick an activity you think you like the look of. They will be tricky, just try your best. 


Have a fantastic day. 


Mrs Hogarth smiley



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Friday 27th March


Good morning everybody. You've nearly made it to the end of your first week of home learning. You've all done so brilliantly, I am very proud of you. It has certainly been strange without you at school. 


Morning work - Morning work on a Friday is usually one of Mrs Steele's famous brain teasers. I have put a power point presentation of some find the word puzzles. Today you could choose a slide and have a go at finding the word.


Worship - Friday is usually our celebration worship where we give our stars of the week. This week you are all my stars of the week for doing some really great learning at home. 


Computing - Why don't you have a play around on purple mash this morning. In the computing section there is loads for you to have a go at. Just choose one activity today, it's too nice to be sat at the computer all day. 


PSHE - There are many things you could do to help people out at the moment. Could you make a poster explaining how you could help people? For example, you can be kind, you can help people out, you can stay at home. Don't forget to make it nice and colourful. 


Music - Mrs Brabin has sent me some song lyrics and a letter for you. I have put them in the 'home learning ideas' section. You could make a start on learning one of those songs and thinking of some actions. 


Spellings - There are many rainbows in people's windows at the moment, Mrs Carroll and the children at school made a beautiful one yesterday too. Could you write some of your spelling words or words of the week in rainbows? 


Reading - Some quiet reading time in the garden might be nice today. 


PE - Our topic at the moment in outdoor, adventurous activities. I have uploaded a document in the 'home learning ideas' page that gives you lots of ideas of games you could play. Don't forget Joe Wicks at 9am too.


Another lovely idea you could try today is making a lockdown bucket list. Every time you want to do something but you can't, write it down and put it in a jar. When this is all over, you can pull out an idea and complete your bucket list. 


Have a wonderful day and an even better weekend! Make sure you relax. 


Mrs Hogarth smiley


PS - Happy Birthday to Ella for Saturday. Have a great day Ella! 

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Thursday 26th March


Another lovely morning for you to get out and about. This morning we would normally be going swimming, however, unless you want to try swimming in the bath, we might have to come up with something else. 


Morning work - A-Z of Spring. Spring is finally here (to stay hopefully), so I feel that now is the right time for us to do an A-Z. 


Maths - Today you could have a look at some of the new assignments I have put on maths shed. You could also have a play on some games on topmarks. 


English - Today I am going to set a Hive game up on spelling shed at 10am. I will set it up about 9:50 to give you time to join and then start at 10am. If you want to play I will email all of your parents about 9:45 with the code for you to join. 


Topic - Today we were going to spend the lesson finding out about what fair trade actually means and in particular finding out about Garstang as a fair trade town. Could you do some research and make a leaflet or poster to tell somebody all about it? 


PE - Today you could join Joe Wicks again at 9am. I don't know about you but I am aching from his brilliant PE lessons. You could also do some Just Dance with a few songs of your choice. Remember, if you are hot and sweaty and you're heart is beating faster than normal, you have had a good workout. 


David Walliams is also releasing an audiobook a day if you want to take some time out and listen to one. 


Have a wonderful day. Enjoy the sunshine and don't forget to keep smiling. 


Mrs Hogarth smiley


Ps - Don't forget to keep the pictures coming and check out the other home learning journeys of your friends. 


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Wednesday 25th March


Good morning everybody. I hope you are all ok! 


It's Wednesday today so usually you would have Mrs Shields for art, spelling, reading and French in the morning and then have maths and English in the afternoon. It's up to you whether you want to do activities in that order or mix it up a little bit. 


Reading - Why don't you have a look at the front cover of a book and analyse what you can get from just the front cover. I have also added another guided reading booklet which gives you some more ideas about what you could do. 


Spelling - Spelling shed or words of the week would be a good idea for this slot. Don't forget our spelling pattern would still be '-cian, -sion, -ssion, -tion' this week. I also uploaded a crossword for our words of the week words. 


French - Twinkl have some good French resources you could access. 


English - Maybe something based on vocabulary would be good today. The more words you have in your vocabulary the better your writing will be. You could use the Frayer Model that we use in class (picture, definition, opposite words etc) and ask your grown ups to put a really exciting word in the middle. 


Maths - Yesterday I put a task on our new maths shed page. You only need your log in details that you use for spelling shed and log into maths shed. Have a go at that and once more people have had a go I will add some more assignments for you to do. Keep your eyes peeled for a hive game too! This might be for spelling or maths. 


It is forecast a beautiful day today. Why don't you try and go for a walk or spend time outside (don't forget to follow the health and safety guidelines). Spring has definitely arrived so try and write down or draw signs of spring that you can see. A bit like a treasure hunt.


Have a wonderful day. 


Mrs Hogarth smiley


PS, I miss you all lots. Please feel free to send pictures or videos to my email address of what you are getting up to and I will start a gallery on our class page so everybody can see how you are spending your days home learning. I already have some lovely looking tomato soup being made by Josh! 

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Tuesday 24th March


Good morning everybody. I hope your first day of home learning went well yesterday, I'm sure you all did great. 


Today you should try some of the following activities. 


Morning work - This will be a good chance to go on spelling shed or times tables rockstars or take part in Joe Wicks' PE session at 9am. 

Worship - Have a look at the creative worship ideas in the 'home learning ideas' on our class page. 

English - Today you could start to write your persuasive letter or maybe even a story? You don't have to do it all today but you could make a good start. Remember all the grammar features we have learnt so far, particularly writing in paragraphs. 

Maths - Today you could go on a shape treasure hunt. How many different 2D and 3D shapes can you find around your house? Can you identify the properties (edges, faces and vertices)? 

Guided reading - Today you could sit in the sunshine and read some of your favourite book. You could even make a den and read your book in your den. 

Topic - Today choose a task that relates to our topic of food in the local area. 

Handwriting - Although all of your handwriting beautiful, you still need to keep practising. Don't forget, all lead ins should start on the line. Pick a few words to write out or you can even write out the alphabet. 


Have a great day! I'll be thinking of you all. 


Mrs Hogarth smiley



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Monday 23rd March


Good morning everybody. Just a quick note to wish you all well on your first day of home learning, I know you will all do brilliantly. Remember, today you should try to do 20 minute blocks of activity of lessons we would normally have on a Monday. Here is an example of what you could do. 


Morning work - Words of the week. This weeks words are; favourite, February, Forward(s)

Worship - Say/write a prayer.

English - Monday is usually our grammar lesson. You could do something from your spelling, grammar and punctuation homework book or you could write some wonderful sentences like you always do. Try including some subordinate clauses (the part of the sentence that doesn't make sense on its own). 


Puss in Boots, who was as brave as a soldier, fought off the Whisperer and retrieved the Queen's Jewel. 

As they lay under the stars, Puss in Boots read a bedtime story to the kittens. 

Puss in Boots read a bedtime story to the kittens, which was his favourite thing to do


Maths - You could do a 20 minute activity from your homework book, perimeter or measure would be good places to start, or you could write yourself some questions for either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. 

Guided reading - You could read a chapter/section of your book and write yourself some questions to answer from the guided reading prompts. Don't forget, Twinkl have lots of comprehension activities you could also do. 

Reasoning/arithmetic - Go on nrich or my mini maths and complete an activity. Your homework books also include a mixture of both of these types of maths. 

Science - All things digestive system! 


Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is also doing online PE lessons on YouTube every morning at 9am. They look fun! I will be doing those too. 


It's also a lovely day, get yourself out in the garden. Why don't you do a minibeast hunt or build a den? 


Have a wonderful day and keep smiling, 


Mrs Hogarth. 


Parents - if you have any queries, please feel free to email me on and I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. 

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