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Wb 13th January


Monday - Maths (due in Tuesday

Year 3 - Page 22

Year 4 - Page 23

Tuesday - SPAG (due in Wednesday).

Year 3 - Pages 58 and 59

Year 4 - Pages 60 and 61

Wednesday - Race around the clock (due in Thursday).

Thursday - Spelling shed and TT Rockstars.

Friday - Spelling shed and TT Rockstars.

Ongoing - Reading to an adult. Don't forget to get your reading journal signed.






This is just a friendly reminder that your child must hand their homework in, completed, on the set day. Maths and spelling, grammar and punctuation books and race around the clock should be handed in the day after it is set. Spelling practise books should be handed in the week after their spellings are set (Thursday). Each week your child should read to an adult for at least 30 minutes and have their reading journals signed. The children are also encouraged to play times tables rock stars on a regular basis to help them improve their knowledge and speed. This is in preparation of the times tables assessment at the end of the year.


Many thanks,


Mrs Hogarth.