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In Oak Class, homework consists of reading and practicing our phonemes/tricky words. This should take no more than ten minutes but should be a special time with your child (no TV or background noise). We try to hear every child read at least once a week. They will have phonics flashcards and a reading book in their book bag so that they can practice at home. It is really important to get into a good routine, reading with your child. If they are too tired after school then please try in the morning, whichever works best for you. Practice makes perfect!


If the children are struggling with something in particular, they might receive extra homework to help them practice at home. This way, the homework can be tailored to their needs.


If your child isn't quite ready for writing, this means they need more fine motor activities, to help their finger muscles develop. Fine motor activities consist of playing with playdough, popping bubble wrap, screwing off bolts & nuts, lacing boards, peg boards, using pegs or tweezers. Anything that requires them to use their fingers to complete something fiddly.


If your child is ready for writing (can hold a pencil correctly and has began to form letters) you might want to practice forming the phonemes they have learnt so far with chalk outdoors or a pencil on paper. In the classroom, we use a paintbrush in glitter to make the activity more engaging. I have attached a letter formation sheet below with little sayings that might help your child understand.