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VE Day Gallery

Picture 1 Emelia's VE day preparations
Picture 2 Lots of VE day baking!
Picture 3 Putting up the bunting
Picture 4 Harriet busy making paper chains
Picture 5 VE day red, white and blue
Picture 6 Hanging out the flags
Picture 7 Bebe's celebration cake
Picture 8 Poignant art work by Bebe
Picture 9 Elena bakes wartime carrot cake
Picture 10 Esther's VE day waffles
Picture 11 Learning all about rationing
Picture 12 Esther's home made decorations
Picture 13 Wartime children
Picture 14 A busy VE day at Emelia's house
Picture 15 Dressing up as an evacuee
Picture 16 VE Day preparations
Picture 17 Harry's code breaking
Picture 18 Great VE day research by Harry
Picture 19 Rebecca's amazing writing
Picture 20 Some of Rebecca's celebrations
Picture 21 A special visit by Rebecca to the memorial
Picture 22 Harriet and her sister waving the flags
Picture 23 Fantastic wartime window art by Harriet
Picture 24 Thoughtful writing by Harriet
Picture 25 VE Day stay at home party