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Autumn Term

Welcome to Beech Class - 2017



Sparks Might Fly


During this half term the topic is going to be ‘Sparks Might Fly’. Within this topic the children will be learning about electricity in science, where they will work towards becoming junior apprentice electricians. In DT the children will be working in small groups to make a mechanical system that will include a circuit. In music, the children will think carefully about the different sounds that electrical appliances make and will compose a piece of music using these sounds, as well as producing a song or rap. In English, the children are going to be looking at explanations, play scripts and fantasy stories, relating to our topic. In maths, we will be covering place value, rounding and estimating, 2D shape, data, addition, subtraction, mental multiplication and time.

Welcome to Beech Class - 2016


In Maths in this half term the children have been learning about place value, 2D shapes and addition and subtraction. The children have been learning to use different methods to approach each of the topics. In particular, they have been partitioning numbers in order to double, halve and round and estimate. This has then helped them when they have been adding. Some of the children have used practical resources to help them understand why we exchange when adding. The children have been measuring the perimeter of shapes as well as the perimeter of spaces and objects around school. 


In Science the children have been learning about Light and Shadows. The children have explored using different light sources. We had a disco in the dark to experiment which light sources helped us to find objects in the dark. We have used different materials and objects to form shadows and looked at how we can change the shadows. The children had a competition of who could make the best shadow monster using resources outside and the sun as a light source. More recently, the children have been exploring with mirrors. They have found horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry in the alphabet, enabling them to make symmetrical words. They have also used mirrors to find their way around a maze, using just the reflection to help them, as well as using mirrors at different angles to see how this changes the view of an object. 


During the first half Autumn term our class topic is 'There's no place like home'. We have been linking all our topic work to this area. 


In English the children have been learning about and writing their own folk tales. We have used 'The Lancashire Giant' as the basis of our topic. The children have carried out role play of the story and verbally retold it. We planned a class folk tale story, that all the children had to write a part of. The children have then planned and wrote their own folk tale story that we will be making a class book of. 


Our topic areas for this half term have been History and Geography. The children have been learning about the geographical features of our local area in relation to the world, the country and our local area. The children identified the human and physical features of St Michael's on Wyre. They also identified their local area on a variety of maps, labeling their houses and the points of interest around their village. In History the children will be learning about how St Michael's on Wyre has changed over time, in particular the school. We will have some visitors in to talk to them about how the school is different now to how it was in the past. We will also be looking at how the houses and people's lives in general have changed over time. Finally, we will be covering the Abbeystead Disaster, understanding how this happened and the affect it had on people's lives. 

Shadows and Reflective Objects

Second Half Term


During the second half term our topic is 'Healthy Humans'. As an introduction to the topic we went to Eureka to take part in a workshop about the digestive system and explored the 'All About Me' section of the museum, which was all very hands on. The main focus for this topic is keeping the body healthy. 


In Science the children are going to learn all about keeping the body healthy through exercise, eating healthily and keeping hydrated. We will be looking at the sugar content of a variety of drinks as well as looking at the diets of different animals compared to our own. We are then going to plan our own healthy picnic which we are going to host for another class. This will include the children making the food for the picnic as well as all of the packaging. They will educate the other class on how to keep healthy. The children will also be carrying out observational drawings of fruit in Art. 


In Maths the children are doing a lot of work on subtraction, both mentally and written. We will also be focusing on telling the time, to the nearest five minutes and minute on both analogue and digital clocks, with some children looking at the 24 hour clock. We will also be learning about coordinates and will be linking this with Christmas.


In English the children will be learning about Fables and will be writing their own. They are looking at animals with opposite personality traits and identifying lessons that are learnt in Fables. They will also be looking at persuasive texts and will write a persuasive leaflet or poster that will be given to another class during our healthy picnic. Finally, the children will be investigating different shape poems and will write their own relating to healthy food and Christmas.