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Spring Term

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Curriculum Overview

The theme for this half term is Explorers.  The children’s learning in most subjects will link to this topic. Our role play area contains exciting equipment an explorer might need and also challenges the children to create vehicles fit for an explorer using boxes and other resources.



The genres we are covering this half term are: stories by the same author and instructions.  For the former, we have been sharing a series of stories by Simon Bartram about Bob, the man on the moon. The main reading focuses are: 

  • Read accurately by blending the sounds in words, especially recognising alternative sounds for the same letters e.g. cow / snow.
  • Reading further common exception words, noting the tricky parts.
  • Using tone and intonation when reading aloud.
  • Listening to a range of texts at a level beyond that at which they can read independently including stories.
  • Sequencing and discussing the main events in stories.
  • Identifying, discussing and collecting favourite words and phrases.
  • Making predictions using evidence from the text.
  • Making inferences about characters and events using evidence from the text, e.g. what is a character thinking, saying and feeling?
  • Making contributions in whole class and group discussion.
  • Demonstrating and understanding of texts by asking and answering questions related to who, what, where, when, why, how.     


The main writing skills we’ll be covering include:   

  • Using apostrophes for contracted forms e.g. don’t, can’t, wouldn’t.
  • Use time words in sentences e.g. When Bob finished his work he felt glum.
  • Use past tense for stories.
  • Generating, selecting and using verbs.
  • Using commas to separate items in a list.
  • Planning and discussing what to write about.
  • Proofreading to check for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Reading aloud their writing with intonation to make their meaning clear.



In maths we will be deepening our understanding about the following:  fractions, place value, multiplication, division, mass and weight, 2D and 3D shape and counting and money.  We are covering many different objectives for each area.  We will also continue to practice basic number skills, such as: number bond to 10 and 20 (numbers that add together to make 10 or 20), doubles and halves, counting in steps of 3 and the 2x, 5x and 10x tables.  These basic skills are critical so please try to practice these at home also.


History and Geography

In history we are learning about significant individuals of the past, including explorers Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.  In geography we are comparing St. Michael’s on Wyre with an non-European village, which presents a brilliant opportunity to find out more about our friends at Tiddiek Okram, a school we are linked with in Ngora, Uganda.  A special visitor will be coming into school to help with this. 


Design Technology

The children will be designing, creating and evaluating a vehicle for an explorer.  This will give them the opportunity to practice a variety of skills such as joining materials together and using new equipment.  If you can please send in any unwanted sturdy boxes (shoe boxes are ideal), plus aluminum foil containers (e.g. pie or bun cases), this would be appreciated.  We need them for w/c 30th January. Many thanks.



This half term we are continuing to learn more about keeping our bodies fighting fit through healthy eating and exercise.  For example, looking at the content of sugar in breakfast cereals and seeing the impact of different types of exercise on our bodies.



We are pleased to be able to offer a course of swimming lessons to our year 2 children.  These will take place on the following Wednesdays at Garstang Swimming Centre: 18th and 25th Jan, 1st, 8th, 22nd, 29th, 8th and 15th of March.  Please remember to send your child in with their swimming kit (one-piece swimming costume for girls/snug fitting trunks or shorts for boys, swimming caps for long hair, and towel) in a suitable bag.  If you want your child to wear goggles, you must have returned a separate permissions form.  If your child has long hair, putting it in a bun would speed up putting swimming caps on. Many thanks.



Weekly Timetable – Spring Term (first half)  

Here is what a typical week will look like in Elm Class this half term, although lessons may be swapped or moved for a variety of reasons. 









Outdoor P.E.




Spelling test


Topic – history and geography



Grammar/spelling or maths skills practise






Handwriting / SPaG






Music with Mrs Brabin

SPaG – Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation