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Spring Term

Spring term - second half


The theme for this half term is ‘Farm Shop’ with a key focus on science; looking at plant and human growth.  Last year we took the children to Bradshaws Farm Shop to help us learn more about where our fresh food might come from.  This year, we are asking that you complete such a visit as part of your Learning Log activities as we have organised a different school trip, to Strickley Farm in Kendal, details to follow shortly. 


Please read the attached curriculum overview. 

Don't forget to look in the Elm Class gallery section for our latest photographs.


Spring term - first half

The theme for this half term is Explorers.  The children’s learning in most subjects will link to this topic. Our role play area contains exciting equipment an explorer might need. 



The genres we are covering this half term are: stories by the same author and instructions.  For the former, we have been sharing a series of stories by Simon Bartram about Bob, the man on the moon. The children are really loving these! A detailed summary of the specific reading and writing focuses can be found in the curriculum overview.  So far they have practised reading out loud with tone and intonation (ask your children about our magic microphone), they have independently written about how Bob might be feeling and what he might say or be thinking, when he meets his best ever friend for the first time. They have also worked in small groups to sequence the main events of one of the stories and add their own captions and we are currently learning how to retell Bob's Best Ever Friend using a story map.  Next, we will be planning and writing our own versions of the story.         



This half term we will be deepening our understanding about the following:  fractions, place value, multiplication, division, mass and weight, 2D and 3D shape and counting and money.  We are covering many different objectives for each area.  We will also continue to practice basic number skills, such as: number bond to 10 and 20 (numbers that add together to make 10 or 20), doubles and halves, counting in steps of 3 and the 2x, 5x and 10x tables.  These basic skills are critical so please try to practice these at home also.


History and Geography

In history we are learning about significant individuals of the past, including explorers Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.  In geography we are comparing St. Michael’s on Wyre with an non-European village, which presents a brilliant opportunity to find out more about our friends at Tiddiek Okram, a school we are linked with in Ngora, Uganda.  Because it is such a short half term (only five weeks of teaching and learning!)  we have decided to continue the geography unit next half term too.  A special visitor will be coming into school to help with this at the end of February. 


Design Technology

The children have been designing, creating and evaluating a vehicle for an explorer.  This is giving them an opportunity to practice a variety of skills such as joining materials together and using new equipment.  Thank you for sending in the resources we requested. 



This half term we are continuing to learn more about keeping our bodies fighting fit through healthy eating and exercise.  For example, looking at the content of sugar in breakfast cereals and seeing the impact of different types of exercise on our bodies.