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Spring Term

Phonics Play


Phonics Play is a website that we will be using to help us prepare for the Phonics Screening Test in Year 1. You can access the website for free and play a variety of games that the children are already familiar with, such as Picnic on Pluto, Dragon's Den and Buried Treasure. 


Select a game to play and ask your child the current sound they have been working on in class that week. You can then select a specific sound to focus on, perhaps one that they may incorrectly pronounce whilst reading, or you can revisit and revise all areas. 

Please only work up to Phase 5 as these are the areas covered to the end of Year 1.


During the phonics screening test pupils will be expected to read a variety of 'real' and 'alien' words and encouraged to sound out each word. They should not try to make an 'alien' word into a 'real' word and should instead simply read the sounds that are given to them. 


Have a play around on the website and see if your child can also have a go at putting the 'real' words into sentences. 


If you have any questions or require any help please just ask.



As your child progresses through Year 1 it is important that we continue to recap previous learning.

Your child has previously looked at number bonds to 10 (i.e the two numbers that, added together, create 10 such as 7+3= 10 and 4+6= 10)

It is important that your child can recall these number bond facts quickly in order to help them progress in their learning. They will also be able to help them as they move forward with number bonds to 20.

Please find below a useful game that can be accessed to help speed up the recall of number bonds.

Your child is familiar with this activity and should be encouraged to practice their learning where possible.


This game can also be accessed to help your child recall their doubling facts up to 10 and then on to 20.

In addition, the website provides a vast array of games that can aid your child's Maths learning and so I would suggest that you have a look around the website, with your child, to find any additional games that could be beneficial to their learning. Please find the link to the website below.


If you require any additional help please just ask.


Self-portraits using charcoal

Self-portraits using charcoal 1 Look at our Gallery to see the rest of our work.
Self-portraits using charcoal 2
Self-portraits using charcoal 3

Self-portraits using pencil

Self-portraits using pencil 1 Look at our Gallery to see the rest of our work.
Self-portraits using pencil 2
Self-portraits using pencil 3

Family Album

This term in Ash Class the children will be learning all about the United Kingdom and the Queen who rules the United Kingdom. We will explore each country in detail and look at the features that make it unique like their language, celebrations and flags. We will also be looking at how we have changed over time since birth and thinking about the people in our families.

In English they will be reading Little Red Riding Hood and recreating their own alternative version of the story. They will also be looking at recounts and we will recreate a birthday party in our classroom and then be able to write a recount about it.

In Science the children will be looking at seasons and the changes that occur in each season.

In Art they will be looking closely at themselves in order to create their own self-portraits in a variety of different materials.