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Autumn Term

Welcome to Oak Class

Autumn Term 2018

Welcome back to school, please feel free to come and look at our new classroom, it is amazing!

Hopefully you have already received a copy of "Welcome to Oak Class". This shows our timetable, our topic for this term and some basic advise about school routine in Oak class.

On Tuesday 11th September there is a chance to meet the teacher at 3.10 p.m. This is a short meeting where I will explain a little about the curriculum, our expectations and how you can help your child at home. There will be a chance to ask questions and view our lovely new classroom.

Picture 1 Oak class portraits
Picture 2 Our favourite colours
Picture 3 Cleversticks
Picture 4 Our hospital
Picture 5 Computing
Picture 6 Sand pit
Picture 7 Mud kitchen
Picture 8 Building area

Autumn Term 2018 Topic


This term Oak Class's topic is "Ourselves".


So far we have painted self-portraits and talked about how we are the same and how we are different, we also looked at the story "All Kinds of People".


The story "Cleversticks" made us think about what we are good at, climbing, painting, playing football... were just a few ideas!

We also had great fun trying to eat with chopsticks.


In topic work we will be looking at our bodies and how we can stay healthy. The school nurse will be coming in to talk about hand hygiene and we will be making paper plate dinners for our favourite food (possibly not always healthy!)

Our role play area is set up as a hospital, many patients seem to visit every day, and after Adam's accident we looked at real x-rays. 


We will be talking about our families and family traditions, how we celebrate Harvest, birthdays, bonfire night and Christmas. We will also be finding out more about our school and our village.



Picture 1 Divali and Bonfire Night - we made 3D fireworks