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A wonderful first day has been had by all.

Garstang Tennis Tournament

On Wednesday 8th June some children participated in a tennis training/tournament at Garstang academy. The team consisted of: Kate, Annabel, Charlotte and I. Cockerham had brought 4 players to participate whereas Forton had brought 8 players.

To begin, we split into our schools because we were playing a simple game where the ball is thrown into the player, therefore the player must hit it back. Shortly after, we had to rally with a partner until we reached a total score of 50 shots. Afterwards, we had a drinks break because the sun was absolutely boiling!

Once we'd had a drink, we all played the "Cricket Game" which is where we split into two teams and whilst one team had to hit the ball, the other team had to catch the ball. None of us were very good at catching,but on the other hand, we were quite good at hitting!

Moving on, we did some serving practice, which was shortly followed by some matches. Fortunately, we beat Cockerham, 4 nil, we beat Forton A, 4 nil and we beat Forton B, 3-1.

To conclude, I'd like to thank Simon Ardron for doing the event, the parents for helping with transport and suppoirting us, Mr. Wade for supporting us and last but not at all least, the whole team for doing extremely well and trying their best!                                                                                               By Beth Armer 

Girls Football Tournament

Six of our Year 5/6 girls took part in an indoor football tournament at Garstang Academy this week. They played really well and came joint second place with Garstang St Thomas.



On Tuesday 26th April 2016, St. Michael’s on Wyre girls football team went to play a football tournament at Garstang Community Academy. The team consisted of myself, Kate, Amy.K, Beth, Charlotte and Amy.H. At first we did some warm ups and some training, afterwards when we were all warmed up and ready to go we played the matches, we were up first. We played against Forton, they got centre. I tackled one of their players and scored, very early on in the game. Then when they took their centre Beth tackled and scored in the nick of time, the whistle went and we went to sit down. As the other teams played we watched so we could see their tactics. As we went to play against Barton St. Laurence we had the upper hand of knowing how they played. But unfortunately they slipped a goal in as the whistle went. The final score was 1.0. Our next game was against Garstang St. Thomas, I think that our team played exceptionally well. Kate did some brilliant saves, Amy.H and Charlotte were rock solid in defence and Amy.K, Beth and I had lots of great chances up front. In the end we drew the game, and guess what? Both         Garstang St. Thomas and our team came joint 2nd in the tournament. I would like to say thank you to Mr. Wade and Miss Shaw for organising it, for the parents for helping with transport and supporting us from the side lines, for Garstang Community Academy for organising it and supplying us with the equipment and finally for all the teams for playing some good matches. Player of the match goes to Kate for saving some excellent goals and being supportive from the goal line.

By Emma Harrison     

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