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Brass and String Christmas Concert

Well done to our brass and violin players who performed a variety of Christmas songs for us this morning. They were fantastic and certainly put us in the festive spirit. 
What a wonderful morning in our nativity dress rehearsal; a poignant reminder of Christmas 2017 alongside the traditional nativity. The children were amazing and really rose to the occasion with their singing, recorder playing and acting. They were all brilliant and made us very proud. Well done everyone and a big thank you to all the staff and volunteers who helped to make it so wonderful. 

School Nativity 2018

Carol Singing round the village

After sharing a Jacob's Join we entertained the villagers by carol singing for them. Thank you to all the volunteers who joined us. 

We raised £115.45. 

St Michael's Prayer Walk

At the tennis courts, praying for sports and fun.
Tying a ribbon as we pray
At church, praying for family and friends.
Colouring a cross as we think of those we love.
Planting our crosses.
Playing pooh sticks.
Saying thank you for water.

Prayer Walk


A group of children joined Opa, the chaplain from St Aidan's, and Mrs Fleet, on of our governors, on our prayer walk through the village. Even though it was wet, it didn't dampen the children's spirits as they prayed for family, friends and members of the church worldwide. Great fun was had taking part in the activities too. 

Brass and String Concert

Another great musical performance, this time fro our brass players and our violinist. The children played wonderfully well and showed us just what you can achieve with practice and hard work. 

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Our new reception children and current Oak class enjoyed a fabulous teddy bear's picnic as part of Induction Day. The children had to hunt for teddies before enjoying a delicious picnic. 

Summer Concert

What a fabulous time we all had at the Summer Concert. The children were amazing and performed brilliantly. We had a Michael Jackson tribute, a John Lennon song and a Year 6 version of Downtown Abbey to name but a few! What a fabulously talented bunch of children we have in school. 

Guitar Concert

We had a super performance this morning from our guitarists, led by Mr Bell. The children played a variety of tunes. Well done everyone! 

The Big Frieze

The Big Frieze 


'Artist Emma Yarlett was commissioned to create a wall frieze to illustrate seven of the eight core concepts that are explored throughout the Understanding Christianity materials. Effectively, this presents a view of the ‘big story’ of the Bible – an artist’s response to the approach used in the Understanding Christianity materials.'


The children are exploring The Big Frieze, they tried to match up and order each of the seven concepts of the frieze.

The seven concepts are; Creation, Fall, People of God, Incarnation, Gospel, Salvation and the Kingdom of God.

Each year group are now taking a small section of the frieze and expanding it using their own ideas.They are researching stories from that concept and are creating their own panel to make a St Michael's Big Frieze. 

Reflection Area

We have been very busy creating the resources for the outside Reflection Area. The children have painted, built, dug and woven different materials to create dream catchers,  toadstools, a pebble path, a seating area and crosses. The finished effect will be fabulous. We are very proud of all their efforts. Great team work everyone!

NSPCC Number Day

Bonfire BBQ Lunch

Health Week

Summer Concert 2017

The chicks are hatching!

Keeping nice and warm
Someone is awake!
I'll be here soon!

World Book Day - book swapping and cake sale (more than £170 raised, thank you!)

Getting ready for the rush
Beech Class book swap
Decisions... decisions... decisions...
Oak Class book swap
I think I'll have this one :)

Children in Need - PJ and teddy day

Our School Summer Concert

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 visit Williamson Park Butterfly House

Maths Challenge Day


We had a variety of practical maths activities during the morning.


In Class 1 we had the "Elephant Parade", where the children worked in groups to find out how many different ways the elephants could parade with 3 red and 2 blue elephants. Tricky questions at the end tested even Year 2, how many parades were palindromes? Slightly easier for Reception eg. How many parades are there with the first and last elephant the same colour?


In Year 1's classroom, we carried out different investigations using water. Reception tried to transport as much water as they could to fill their boxes. This involved filling containers carefully; working as as team and keeping count! Year 1 had to work out how many litres their boxes held, again counting carefully and working in pairs. Year 2 were challenged to make a magic potion, with a capacity of 1 litre, using at least two different colours of water. Some children also managed to record how they made it!


In the Year 2 classroom, children had to carry out a problem solving activity linked to Noah's Ark.  They were challenged to work out what animals Noah might have seen if he counted 8 legs (Reception), 12 legs (Year 1) or a total number of legs of their own choosing (Year 2).  The children selected their own resources such as Popoids, Lego or Sticklebricks to build their animals, whilst many wanted to draw to explore. The children were encouraged to think more deeply by considering many different types of creatures and by coming up with other solutions.


In Class 3 the children carried out a shape treasure hunt around the grounds of the school. There were a variety of 2D and 3D shapes hidden. The children had to locate the shapes and identify various properties of each shape that they found. Some of the properties included edges, faces, vertices, angle types, perpendicular and parallel lines. Once the children had identified the properties they had to write down the letter on the shape. These letters all grouped together to spell the name of a 3D shape. The shape was Octaganol Prism so it was quite tricky to spot.  The children did really well and battled through the soggy weather.


Class 4 were tasked with a gruelling treasure hunt all over the school, with three levels of difficulty to choose from. Teams raced against each other to solve the equations and find the treasure. Solving the sums was not the end of it though, as each answer was a digital sum that provided a letter. Once all the letters were assembled in the correct order, the children could locate the treasure and claim their prize!

Elephant Challenge

Capacity Challenge

Noah's Ark Challenge

Shape Challenge

Treasure Hunt

Year 2 Cake Sale - £163.63 raised for Uganda

Year 2 helpers waiting for the rush
Hmmmm which one should I choose?
I tried this earlier... it was yummy!

Pre Borwick Walk

Andy visits St. Michael's on Wyre to give a generous Donation of £1254 raised by a musical concert.

Music Concert

Christmas Party

KS2 visit Myerscough Sports Centre

MacMillan Coffee Morning