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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

At St. Michael's on Wyre Church of England School we are proud of the P.E. and sports' provision that we can offer to all pupils, both within the curriculum and through a wide range of extra-curricular activities. 


We have a sports objective, that as a school we are aiming to achieve each year, and the school sports premium helps towards this. Our SSP objective is to achieve self-sustaining improvement in the quality of PE.  


The School Sports' Grant is additional Government funding to promote P.E. and sport within school. In 2021/2022, the school is receiving £16,000.00 from this funding source plus £10 per pupil. As well as this, we have £12,579.78 underspend from the previous year. This allows us to enhance our provision even further to ensure children are physically literate as well as develop the whole child. 


The funding is being used to:

  • employ specialists/coaches to work along side staff to enhance the education for children and to upskill the teachers;
  • £4940 to take all children in school on an OAA day. This included ghyll scrambling, rock climing, paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, orienteering and an adventure day at Beacon Fell;
  • pay £1300 to buy into the Garstang Primary Schools' Sports' Partnership, organised by Garstang Academy. This allows children to participate in a range of inter-school competitions. The head of PE at Garstang Academy has also offered to support in schools and run required CPD. 
  • pay £2600 to buy into the Wyre and Fylde School Sports Partnership. This allows children to participate in a range of activities and competitions both in curriculum time and as extra-curricular activities. Competitions include; football, netball, dance, dodgeball and orienteering. Extra-curricular activities include; dance, archery, quidditch, fencing, judo, BACTIVE beach festival and cheerleading. This year we are also providing a 5-week block of healthy-heads to all children in school as well as a wellbeing day that will allow the children to take part in yoga and mindfulness sessions, a healthy-heads lesson, practical activities and theory based activities based on the importance of well-being. This year, this partnership is also allowing us to take KS1 children to a tea dance and world book day dance festival; 
  •  This partnership allows KS1 children to take part in sport related after school clubs, as well as children that don't usually like to take part in sports clubs. They also provide full day taster sessions for the whole school such as, judo, fencing and yoga. Within this partnership we have paid for the new Lancashire PE Passport Planning App. This app allows us to access planning and assessment resources through the app as well as extra-curricular resources. It allows us to track child participation and assess easily. We have paid £450 for continuation of these scheme and APP;
  • pay £5655 to buy into Fleetwood Town Community Trust partnership. This allows the children to take part in their bikeability scheme. They deliver a half-day hub each week and they also provide provision for Nursery and Early Years classes, working alongside the staff to upskill them. In addition to this, they carry out intervention groups throughout the year. KS2 classes have an intervention group for gifted and talented children or children who need a little more support and KS1 have an intervention group for those children that need a little more support with their fundamental skills towards the end of the year. As well as this, FTCT run several extra-curricular clubs such as, KS1 multi-skills, KS1 multi-sports, KS1 football and KS1 athletics. For KS2 they run clubs such as, speed stacking, dodgeball, futsal, rugby, cricket, football, netball and athletics;
  • £100 to purchase new equipment for the whole school to use;
  • £2430 to purchase fitness tracker bands for each child from Reception to Year 6 to track their steps and fitness levels on a daily basis. This has had a positive impact on how active and engaged in other lessons the children are; 
  • £630 to purchase t-shirts and jumpers for nursery children to take part in PE lessons in. This is to help them feel part of our school family; 
  • £374 to purchase standing desks for children who are very active and struggle to maintain concentration whilst sitting. This allows them to still be active but learn and work at the same time; 
  • access training and CPD for staff, through the sports' partnership,  Local Authority and sports' association course;
  • provide opportunities for pupils to participate in sports not previously on offer;
  • allow less able children to partake in sporting activities with facilities that can be adapted for their use;
  • develop links with local clubs, eg. St. Michaels Tennis Club, Myerscough Football, Garstang Taekwondo and Garstang rugby and Great Eccleston Cricket Club;
  • £ to pay for transport to give the children the opportunity to take part in different sports and activities;
  • contribute towards adventure days for KS2 children; 
  • provide access/transport to all-weather sports' surfaces.


Over the next year we want to work towards establishing seven main goals. These are;

  1. All teachers will be confident and competent in the delivery of PE. 
  2. All children will be given the opportunity to take part in competitions and festivals. 
  3. Children can articulate the importance of school sports and healthy lifestyles.
  4. All pupils will be active for more than 30 minutes a day in school. 
  5. PE and increased activity will support the whole school outcome. 
  6. All pupils will have access to extra-curricular activities. 
  7. We WILL have made sustainable change. 


The impact this funding is having on our children, in particular KS2 children, is really good. During this academic year the percentage of children that have taken part in a sporting after school or lunchtime club or a whole school extra curricular event at least once throughout the year has increased. We are able to give all children the opportunities to take part in a variety of extra curriculum clubs, which we try and base on their requests and interests. Every single child in school is given the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular club and are encouraged to do so at least once in the academic year.


The children are also learning new skills in PE as their teachers are more skilled and have fully qualified instructors working alongside teachers to deliver some of their lessons. Therefore they are more enthusiastic about their sport and are wanting to keep themselves fit and healthy. 


The link with Fleetwood Town has helped enhanced PE within our Early Years unit. The children are much more knowledgeable about sport, health and fitness when they begin school in Reception. They are also more advanced with fundamental skills and have a greater understanding of games related skills.  


At the end of the last academic year we were able to run a health and fitness week for the children. The funding allowed us to bring in many different sports coaches and professionals to help educate the children about the importance of health and fitness as well as what sports are available to them. 



Evidencing the Impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium

Extra-Curricular Sports Clubs 2021-22

During each academic year we aim to provide as many extra-curriculum sports clubs to the children as possible. These clubs are planned and based on the interests of the children in our school at that time. Not only do these clubs encourage increased participation, but they also ensure that children understand the importance of inclusion, equality and respect for others. They also help to build resilience in children. 


All children are given the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular sports. All slips are emailed out to parents and returned if their child wishes to take part. As well as this, over the year all children are given the opportunity to take part in competitions against other schools. It is great to see in our school that many children want to get involved in these competitions. We try hard to ensure that all children that volunteer to take part in a sport are given the opportunity as often as possible. 


The majority of our in school extra-curricular clubs are available to KS2, with an increasing number being provided for KS1 also, with one club per half term being offered. The competitions are mainly for years 5/6 at other venues, but there are an increasing number of competitions that are being offered to years 3/4 and KS1. 


At St Michael's we also put on a health week for the children every other year. During this week the children learn all about keeping their bodies and minds healthy and take part in a range of different sports, some which they might never have had the opportunity to do before. Sports include pilates, yoga, taekwondo, tennis, Zumba, cardio kickboxing, tennis and Quidditch. This year the children have also been lucky enough to take part in the Joy of Moving festival provided by Fleetwood Town Community Trust.