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Elm Class (Y2)

Village Walk

Roald Dahl Day

Miss Swarbrick Visit - Learning about Ngora in Uganda

Strickley Farm Visit

Spring Term 2 - Farm Shop

Paul Cookson - Poet Visit

NSPCC Number Day

Spring Term - finding fractions of amounts and sets of objects

Spring Term - Multi-cultural Week

Autumn Term 2017 - The Place Where I Live

Can you guess what the story might be about?
Is it... Little Red Riding Hood?
I don't think Little Red used stamps.
Representing numbers using different resources
We love maths!
Using base 10 to create a 0-100 numberline
Spotting patterns in number bonds
Using base 10 to help add numbers
Creating number stories in maths
Using beadstrings to add numbers
Problem solving in maths
Finding my village / town on a map
There it is!
Sorting signs and photos of St. Michael's on Wyre
Using a digital map to show our village walk
Tasting different English apples in R.E
Sharing our Learning Log creations

Health Week with Elm Class - Summer 2017

Seaside collages

Seaside Workshop with Delve into History

Salad sampling and evaluating in DT

Homemade hummus and crudites
Brown rice, beans, corn and pineapple
Lettuce, carrot, corn, ham and toasted seeds
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and apple

Bradshaws Farm Shop Visit

Spring Term - Explorers

Miss Swarbrick tells us about Uganda
An African drum
Carrying a water jar
Playing African instruments
Shelling peanuts
Playing the thumb piano
Traditional African dress
Adding our own captions
Sequencing the events in Bob's Best-Ever Friend
Finding 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4 of numbers
Labelling vital explorer equipment
Learning about Neil Armstrong
Ordering cereal by sugar content
Wow! That's a lot of sugar!

Trip to Eureka

Autumn - First Half Term

Having fun in our role play area
Finding where we live on digimaps
St. Michael's on Wyre sign spotting
Using base 10 to help with addition
Recording sounds around us in music
Looking for mini-beasts
... they're here somewhere...
...found one!
Collaborative art
Printing pictures drawn of school
Roll it round and round...
..until it makes a sticky sound!
Taking care so it doesn't smudge
NSPCC assembly - learning how to keep safe

Year 2 - Geography River Walk Summer 2016

using maps to follow a route
looking out for geographical features
learning about the weir
learning about flood defences
playing find the caterpillar
Get your Poohsticks ready...
..and drop!

Year 2 - Learning about seaside holidays of the past with Delve into History

Role play - on a steam train
Role play - sandcastles and crabbing in rock pools
Role play - relaxing in a deckchair
Looking at different artefacts...
...parasols, metal buckets and wooden spades,
souvenirs, old photographs and more.
Trying on Victorian style bathing costumes
His and hers matching Victorian bathing costumes!

Year 2 - Finding out more about life in Uganda, Africa from our special visitor Miss Swarbrick

Carrying a water pot
Grinding nuts
Playing the thumb piano
Tasting Mandazi doughnuts
Tasting Mandazi doughnuts

Year 1 - Estimating , then measuring how old trees are

This tree measures 28 inches around its trunk.
How old is this tree?
Measure carefully!
90 years old! Great measuring girls.
Look at the rings inside a tree trunk.
The oldest tree we could find 125 years old.

Autumn Term 2015/2016

Retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood
Blindfolded apple bobbing in RE...
...showing life can be trickier for some.
Getting creative learning about 'Creation' in RE
History role play - King James I
Creating posters about UK capitals
Testing windmills we made in Design and Technology
...and finding the windiest parts of school.
A visit from Holly the puppy

We've been to the zoo, zoo, zoo! Blackpool Zoo Trip - 14th December

Christmas fun at Turnover Farm

Decorating biscuits... and eating them!
Craft activity afternoon