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Lego Club- Building Bridges

Art Club

Lego Club

The children enjoyed the challenge of building their name out of lego. It tested patience and resilience but showed great imagination. 

Construction Club

Marshmallows and toothpicks...
back by popular demand!
London Bridge has fallen down.
Can you build a new bridge...
using the resources provided?

Gardening Club

Construction Club

Making furniture for...
... the Gerry giraffe family
Comfy seats
Table and chairs
A single bed
Who can make the strongest bridge...
... out of newspaper that ...
... can hold 8 toy cars?

What's under your feet survey

We took a soil test
Our daffodil bulbs survived the flood
We dug a square 30cm x 30cm which was 5cm deep
We examined the soil for insects
We tried to find different types of insects
We found lots of worms
We measured the length of each worm.
We weighed all the worms together.
The needle barely moved . We estimated 20g.
We placed the insects, soil and grass back.
We then completed a bird survey.
Cara made a tally chart.

Rawcliffe Hall

Bird watching.
Look at the different types of bird feeders
Off on our walk around the park.
Bird spotting.
Monty telling us all about the birds.
Looking at our wildlife garden.