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Sports Events

The powerpoint above provide a list of fun activities that your children can do each day at home to keep them active. 

Indoor Athletics - 2nd Place

Indoor Athletics - 2nd Place 1

Year 5/6 Girls Football

Year 5/6 Girls Football 1

Year 3/4 Basketball

Year 3/4 Basketball  1

Girls Basketball

Girls Basketball 1


EFL Cup 1

Y5/6 Boys Basketball

Y5/6 Boys Basketball 1

Year 3/4 Boys Football - Winners!

Year 3/4 Boys Football - Winners! 1

Year 5/6 Boys Football

Year 5/6 Boys Football 1

Year 5/6 Handball

Year 5/6 Handball 1 Joint Winners!

Indoor Athletics

Indoor Athletics 1 Third Place

Table Tennis

Table Tennis 1

Year 3/4 Basketball

Boys Football Tournament

Boys Football Tournament 1 4th Place

Girls Football Tournement

Girls Football Tournement 1 Runners Up

Wyre Tennis Final

Wyre Tennis Final 1 Runners up out of 30 teams

Girls Kwik Cricket

Girls Kwik Cricket 1

Mini Tennis

Kwik Cricket

Kwik Cricket 1


Tennis 1

Tri Golf

Tri Golf 1

Girls Tennis

Girls Tennis 1 Well done Beth - Overall Winner

Tag Rugby Competition

Tag Rugby Competition 1 Joint Winners - Won 2 and drew 1

Cross Country

U9's Whit Cup

U9's Whit Cup 1


Indoor football

Indoor football  1 Runners up


Basketball 1 Basketball Champions

Table Tennis

Table Tennis 1 Table Tennis Champions

Tennis Tournament

Boys Kwik Cricket

Boys Kwik Cricket 1

Cross Country


Tag Rugby Tournament