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Summer Term

Summer Term 2018


This term, the topic focus is rainforests, specifically The Amazon! 


For the first few weeks, in English and Maths, the focus will be revision of topics already covered in preparation for SATS. The main focus is the grammar objectives and some key areas such as fractions, percentages, area and perimeter, angles etc in Maths.


Our main topic subjects are Art, Geography, Science and ICT. In Art, we are studying a famous artist called Henri Matisse who painted the rainforest from his imagination as he had never managed to visit! his paintings are fantastic and the children will be aiming to create their own versions of some of his most famous pieces. In Geography, we are looking more closely at the Amazon: where it is located; what the climate is like; who lives there; what Brazil is like; the river; and what animals call the rainforest home. Science is focusing on the life cycles of plants and we will be dissecting plants and looking at the different plants then moving on to how they reproduce. In ICT, the children are creating their own Amazon Project where they will be looking to use all the skills they have learnt in ICT over the course of the year: Excel spreadsheets, graphs, PPT, emails, hyperlinks. This will be a great opportunity for the children to independently produce their own projects and I'm really looking forward to the outcomes!


SATS week begins on the 14th of May and any extra revision books or work the children are doing at home will stand them in good stead for their exams. Homework will continue as normal and the children will be expected to hand any work in marked and signed by an adult to ensure the work was completed independently.


Mr Armstrong


Today, we had a Science swap day in school where each class was taught by each teacher in the Key Stage.


In Willow Class, we completed experiments looking at friction on different surfaces. As can be seen in the pictures above, the children created hovercrafts using a CD, balloon, bottle top and blu-tac. When assembled, the balloon created a layer of air underneath the CD allowing it to float over certain surfaces. The children made predictions about what surfaces would have the most and least friction and then went about testing it. Keeping the project a fair test was difficult so the children decided to use the same person blowing up the balloon and the same amount of blows each time (this proved difficult!).


In the afternoon, we ended up dissecting poo (It was fake!) from Mrs Jackson's class to determine what each person had eaten throughout the day! We found some pretty horrible things and, needless to say, the children absolutely loved it.


We had a fantastic morning and all the children are really excited for even more Science this term!




This week, Willow Class have been creating some products to sell for Enterprise Week. The children have become budding young entrepreneurs and have used jam jars to create some amazing products.


Some groups are creating night lights while others are creating recipe kits to make flapjack and brownies by putting the dry ingredients into the jar (Customers then simply add a couple of other ingredients).


As well as designing the jars, the children have filmed adverts, created posters, pitched to dragons (The teachers) and they will be designing a stall in the upcoming days.


Please come to visit our stall on Friday at 2pm.

Enterprise Week!