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Summer Term

Sports Week - Move to Learn Festival with Fleetwood Town

Today Fleetwood Town came in to school as part of the move to learn festival. We learnt all about keeping fit and healthy and the importance of moving and exercise. We also learnt about a healthy diet and why we need to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. We played lots of games including treasure island and enchanted forest where we were moving, stretching and working as a team. 
We have had lots of so far during sports week! In pilates, we learnt we have to stretch all of our muscles to make sure our bodies stay flexible. Yoga taught us how to be calm and relax. 

Creating Maps 25/04/2019

Today we created maps of the playground using chalk! We were so excited to show you all but the rain came and washed them away before you could see! Luckily, Miss Plowman took some pictures!
Today we were looking at structures. We discovered that they need to be strong and stable. Miss Plowman challenged us to make a structure that was taller than a ruler that would stand up on it's own, using only spaghetti and marshmallows. It was a challenge and we all learnt lots and made a big mess. We had lots of fun tidying the class room after too!

Tidy Up Time!

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