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RSE Parent Consultation

Update - December 2021


For all recent information regarding the PSHE and RSE curriculum, please see the PSHE curriculum page. 

PSHE | St. Michael's on Wyre Church of England Primary School & Nursery (

Update - 13.09.2021


Following on from parent consultation, it has been decided that all lessons that relate to sex education have been removed from our curriculum, leaving only statutory topics being taught. The sample lesson below (making babies) will not be taught to our children. We have also reviewed the vocabulary and have shifted some of the words to the following year group, so they are taught later than planned. 

Update 25.2.2021

Please see below an updated policy and further information following on from the parent consultation. Your views have been taken into consideration and we have decided to remove any non-statutory content from our curriculum. 


Included is clearer information about what topics are taught and when. The number of the unit matches the half term in which it is taught. For example, topic 1 (me and my relationships) is taught in half term 1 (autumn 1). I have also included a document that will hopefully put your mind at ease that all content covered under the SCARF curriculum is all age appropriate. 


Please see below all relevant information regarding the statutory changes to the PSHE curriculum from the 2020-21 academic year.