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Oak Class (R)

Summer Term 2019 - Transport and Journeys

Sports' Week

Fleetwood FC
Fleetwood FC
favourite fruit and veg
kick boxing
We made 3D boats
We read the story "I love boats"
We chose what kind of boat
We tested our boats
Will it float?
Summer concert
Let's go fly a kite
Special places - our church
The font - where babies are baptized
Sitting in our pews
Kneeling at the altar rail
In the graveyard
Our war memorial
We went to Blackpool zoo
The sea lion show was great fun
They were very clever
The orangutans shared their leaves
The giraffes were the tallest animals
The elephants were from India
Sports day
Egg and spoon
Sack race
The final results
Red team celebrate!
Baptism - pouring water
Making the sign of the cross
This vicar even sang a hymn!
Our masterpieces
for our Art Auction
Enterprise Week
Friday 14th June 2pm
in Oak Class
Painting with wheels
Free painting outside
Painting a marble journey
Building the marble run
Testing cars and ramps
Building transport with sticklebricks
and mobilo
Den building in forest school area
Making a mosque
Using a prayer mat
Our collage mosque
Right Start road safety training
Learning to cross the road safely
Thanks to Mrs Cliff
Dr O'Neill talks about his job as an anaesthetist
Putting on a pretend drip
This mask could send you to sleep
Painting a fish, a sign of Christianity
Fishing for phonics, making lists of words
Writing a sentence about "The loaves and fish"
Football skills with Mason from Fleetwood Town FC
Super dribbling
Good listening skills
Acting out the story "The Good Samaritan"
Writing in phonics
Our Transport display
Parachute games

Spring Term 2019 -`People Who Help Us

Oak Class find out who helps in school
Mrs Phillips and Mrs Jolly help in Nursery
Miss Plowman helps Year 1
Easter fun - making crispy nests
Baby chicks visit
Our Spring and Easter display
Lisa from Barnabas came to talk about Christianity
We had a story about a swallow
We looked at different places around the world
Oak Class and Nursery visit Blackpool Fire Station
Fun with the fire hose
Shooting at a football
Everyone had a go
with the help of the firemen
Great fun!
We saw 3 different fire engines
The fireman put on his flood suit
A real emergency - a fire at the Model Village
Miss Martin dressed up as a firefighter
Looking at the equipment on the fire engine
We went on the fire engine
We made palm leaves for Palm Sunday
The people waved palm leaves
Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey
Making pancakes
Weighing ingredients
Choosing toppings and enjoying eating them
Whole class Snakes and Ladders
Looking at big numbers
What comes next?
Weighing using balance scales
Heavier or lighter?
Are they the same weight?
Colour mixing
Primary colours
What does it make?
World Book Day - hot seating
Who are you and what story are you from?
What can you tell us about your story?
Throwing and Catching
Are you ready?
Communication is key!
The police talk about staying safe
In the police car
putting the sirens on
The police van brought lots of cars to play with
Road safety - great fun
Matilda put handcuffs on Miss Martin
Fencing taster day
On guard
First to touch the tummy wins
Oak class fencers!
Enjoying gymnastics
Using the big apparatus
Trying the Ninja challenge
Space topic - making an astronaut
Painting an alien
60 pc jigsaw on the Solar System
Lego aliens
Spaceship porthole
Flying saucer
NSPCC Number Day
Estimation Stations
Guess how many in the jar
Big numbers!
Finding out exactly how many
Playing bingo in pairs
Mr and Mrs Hill talk about the RNLI
Dressing up
Fun on the inflatables
Playing tig in a wheelchair
Learning to shoot
Wheelchair basketball - great fun!
Mrs Benyon tells us about being a nurse
She brought lots of medical things
Taking your temperatures
Noah's Ark
Paper folding
Making doves
Dance based on our mission statement -
Shining brightly, achieving greatly,
cherishing community.
Splatter painting
Jackson Pollock style
Very messy!
Oak Class went in the Planetarium
It was very dark inside
We looked at different constellations
How do farmers help us?
Mr Jolly brought in his tractor
We got to sit in it
The story of Moses
Paper weaving for the Moses basket
We all made bulrushes
Acting "The Gingerbread Man" story
Making gingerbread men with Mrs Cooper
Decorating our gingerbread men
Tennis lessons with Simon
Good balancing
Super control
Painting Monet style
Painting Van Gogh style
Mrs Stackhouse talking about vets
A dog skeleton
Terence the hibernating tortoise

Autumn Term 2018

Big toys
Learning to share
Riding without stabilisers
Healthy eating & weights and measures
Learning to play tig
Backwards tig!

Children in Need

Oak Class in their pyjamas
Pudsey arrives on a rickshaw
Pudsey greets to the children

Divali Celebrations

Acting out the story of "Rama and Sita"
Mendhi patterns
Painting diva lamps
Making sweets for Divali
Making a large Rangoli pattern
Marching to music
On the Life Bus
Patterns on the interactive whiteboard
Autumn colours - finger printing
Sorting 3D shapes
Multi-skills with Fleetwood Town FC

Our assembly on Harvest and Food

Acting out the story of "The Little Red Hen"
Who will help...?
A busy time on the farm.
What do the animals give us?
God's love is bigger than a burger.
Taking a bow at the end!
What do we get from a cow?
Tasting fruit from Africa
Feeling the spiky pineapple
Our favourite food
Making pasta collage
Beans on toast
abc jigsaw - we can sing the alphabet
Making letters with playdough
Picking out initial letters
2D shapes
Yoga with Miss Laura
Ordering numbers
Printing with circles
Role-play in the hospital
Acting out the story of "The Little Red Hen"
Baking bread with Mrs Cooper
Kneading the dough
Looking for rectangles
A rectangle robot
Circuit training with Laura Samuels
Star jumps and press ups!
Laura is five times GB triple jump champion

Summer Term 2018

Science Day
Nest building with KS1


Phonic games

Telling the time


Outdoor play

Mrs Smith visits

Royal Wedding hat competition


Programming bee-bot
Recording instructions

Water play

Road Safety



Painting sunflowers

Sun safety

Trip to Happy Mount Park

Spring Term 2018

Multi-faith week
Indian drums
Indian dancing
A Sikh wedding
Celebrating with dance
Rangoli Art
Looking at Muslim dress and prayer mat
Arabic writing

Planting bulbs

Tennis skills with Simon

Music with Mrs Brabin

Playing a duet
On the keyboard

Making 3D houses

Measuring with blocks


In the snow

Quick outside "It's snowing!"
Not enough to build a snowman.
We keep trying.
Fake snow with Frozen characters
Penguin game, balance on the iceberg
Making marshmallow igloos

Ice art

We collected natural objects,
Covered with water,
Then frozen!

Dinosaur fun

Sorting dinosaurs
Dinosaur stamps
Dinosaur rubbings
Measuring with metre sticks
Dinosaur display
A stegosaurus

World Book Day

Using big apparatus in gymnastics

Easter RE

Making palm leaves
Re-enacting Palm Sunday
Riding the donkey
Washing feet
The Last Supper
Bread and wine!!!

Autumn Term 2017

Re-enacting "The Little Red Hen".
Looking at the ingredients to make bread.
Baking bread with Mrs Cooper.
Kneading the dough.
The smell was delicious!

Forest School

In the forest area.
Don't touch the mushrooms!
Sorting leaves.
We worked together.
Building a fire.
Making a leaf mobile.
Making potions
What's in the mud?
Feeling the bark
Sorting leaves
A home for a fox
Autumn treasures

RE Creation

God made the world
Pulses pictures
Fish or flowers
Making snakes
How long?
Colouring snakes
Look at our spiral snakes
Is it real?

Life bus

Looking inside our bodies
Meeting Harold the giraffe
Exercising and using energy
Hand hygiene with the school nurse

Visit to the fire station

Oak Class went to the fire station
We had a tour of the station first
We had a safety talk about firework
We looked at all the equipment on the fire engine
We went on the fire engine
Miss Binns dressed up as a fire fighter
We all had a turn using the fire hose
A superb visit
The spray made us wet!

Divali assembly by Oak Class

Story masks and diva lamps
Saris and Rangoli patterns
Everyone joined in!
Our Mendhi rhyme
Rangoli patterns
Mendhi patterns and sweets
Making bird feeders
We put them on the trees
Climbing trees!
Forest music
Children in Need - thanks for all the donations!
Making Christmas angels

Multi-skills with Jason

Christmas jumper day

Merry Christmas
​​​​​​​Summer Term 2017

Den building

Construction day

Pirate Adventure

Sports' week

Dental nurse
Body combat

Teddy bears' picnic with pre-school

Making 3D boats to float

Science day

At the gala

Playing outside

Building sandcastles
A sand volcano
Water play
Our mud kitchen

Playground games with the juniors

Labelling bike
Labelling bike
We made our own non-fiction book
Sun safety
Road safety
Role-play in our Travel Agents
Art work for Enterprise Week
Art Auction 19th May
Prayer Dice
Building with natural materials
Stick people

Spring Term 2017

Mrs Robinson school secretary
Our school, teachers and map
Yummy! Our Gingerbread men
Baking with Mrs Cooper
Baking with Mrs Cooper
Baking with Mrs Cooper
Re-enacting "The Gingerbread Man"
Re-enacting "The Gingerbread Man"
Our Gingerbread Man display
Tennis skills with Simon
Tennis skills with Simon
Tennis skills with Simon
Making a bookmark
RE The Good Samaritan
RE The Good Samaritan
The police talk to Oak Class and Nursery
Dressing up in police uniform
Exploring the police van
Locked inside
Pretending to drive
The sirens were very loud!
The Lost Coin
Visit from the RNLI
Paper tearing Matisse style
Splatter painting Jackson Pollock style
Lines and shapes Kandinsky style
Walk round our village
Looking for shops
Shops in the olden days
Role play in our supermarket
Mrs Stackhouse talked to us about vets
Animals have lots of germs!
Terence the tortoise loved eating peas

Trip to Small Animal Centre at Myerscough College

Who are you? What is your favourite animal?
We saw lots of weird and wonderful animals
Rodney the emu
Giggles the tortoise
Holding a python
An albino hedgehog

Palm Sunday

Jesus rode his donkey into Jerusalem.
We made palm leaves.
The people waved the palm leaves.

The Last Supper

Jesus washed his disciples feet .
We washed each others!

Big apparatus

Great fun moving in different ways



Autumn Term 2016

Role play in hospital
Big toys
Dressing up
Play food
Making sunflowers
Making a skeleton with sticks
The Little Red Hen
Baking bread with Mrs Cooper
Baking bread