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PE Curriculum Statement

During the academic year the children learn a variety of skills through a range of sports. 


Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6 all work on a two-year rolling programme to provide a range of skills and development over their two years in each class. Years 1 and 2 work on a rolling programme for their outdoor PE sessions.


EYFS staff have had the pleasure of working alongside Fleetwood Town Community Trust to support the development of their teaching in PE. Fleetwood Town have also worked with children throughout school during intervention groups for less able children, gifted children and have provided fundamental movement skills intervention sessions for KS1. As well as this, we have had curricular delivery from a basketball coach for years 5 and 6, who worked alongside staff to improve their teaching skills in basketball. 


Long Term Overviews

Example of progression in PE - Athletics

Lancashire Progression Documents

Our PE lessons follow the Lancashire progression of knowledge and skills through Lancashire PE Passport.