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Welcome to Nursery

Autumn, term 1, 2021 - All About Me


Welcome to St-Michaels nursery, during this autumn 1 half term, our focus topic is 'all about me'.


This topic children invariably find absorbing! It offers opportunities to explore diverse aspects of life experiences.

We have linked into this topic with some relevant stories that will help us to have some good discussions about ourselves and our families to support our all about me topic, these include:

What makes me a me?

Owl Babies

Monkey Puzzle 

You Choose.


During this topic, our children will be learning about themselves and that each and every one of them is different. We will be getting to know everyone, we will learn that we have different looks and personalities. We will also learn about our families, who lives in our house? Who are our extended family? This will introduce the children to various different dynamics within families.


Within nursery the majority of our learning comes from our continuous provision, this is constantly changing to meet the needs of the children and enhanced to develop the children's learning.


We aim to continually support all 7 areas of learning within the EYFS, with the 3 specific areas being the main focus of everything for the nursery children.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Children come to develop confidence in who they are and what they can do and in expressing their own ideas. We know that although many children have several people who care deeply about them. This helps the child feel valued and special and gives them a sense of self-worth. This in turn leads to them being confident with others and knowing when they need support from other people.


Commumication and language:

With our topic being all about me, we have had lots of discussions about ourselves and our families. We have been using mirrors to look into and we have been describing our facial expressions, encouraging lots of new vocabulary for the children to learn.


Physical Development:

Children will learn about their bodies, body parts, what our body needs to thrive, why food, exercise and rest is important.


Each Friday is our P.E day, please make sure the children come in comfy clothes suitable for lots of physical activity.


Mrs Renton and Miss Richardson are looking forward to helping all our nursery children shine brightly.